English Move (آموزش زبان کودک و نوجوان)

Family & Friends Starter  (second edition) 64 hours
Family & Friends 1  (second edition) 128 hours
Family & Friends 2  (second edition) 128 hours
Family & Friends 3  (second edition) 128 hours
Family & Friends 4  (second edition) 128 hours

زبان نوجوانان English Move دارای 16 ترم می باشد.

هر ترم  معادل 32 ساعت آموزشی است.

در مجموع دوره زبان نوجوانان English Move شامل576 ساعت آموزشی می باشد.

دانشجویان بعد از اتمام دوره زبان نوجوانان English Move، می توانند در آزمون Movers  شرکت کنند.

English Move

Cambridge English Movers

A1 Movers is the second of three Cambridge English Qualifications designed for young learners. These tests introduce children to everyday written and spoken English and are an excellent way for them to gain confidence and improve their English.

The tests are written around familiar topics and focus on the skills needed to communicate effectively in English through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

English Move

Cambridge English: Movers

Cambridge English: Movers indicates that typical candidates at this level have the ability to:

  • Take part in a basic factual conversation on a familiar topic. E.g. they can:
    • Ask questions and use fixed expressions such as: ‘How much is/are?’, ‘What’s the matter?’, ‘I’m good at’
    • Ask questions about school activities such as classroom tasks, homework and holidays
    • Agree or disagree with someone using phrases such as: ‘I think so’, ‘You are right’
    • Understand when somebody talks about their family and friends in simple sentences
    • Ask somebody about how they are and what they like doing, and answer similar questions.
  • Understand basic notices, instructions and information and complete basic forms. E.g. they can:
    • Understand instructions given by the teacher in the classroom such as: ‘Take off your coats’, ‘You must do this’
    • Understand simple sentences if they read them slowly and several times
    • Write simple sentences, using words given to them
    • Understand signs and simple notices.
  • Read and write simple texts and notes, including information about times, dates and places. E.g. they can:
    • Write about what they like doing in their free time, using words given to them
    • Understand simple stories and shorter texts with the help of pictures
    • Continue a story or text that has been started or add words that are missing.

یادگیری زبان انگلیسی در سنین کودکی و نوجوانی بسیار آسان تر می باشد .

ماندگاری مطالب کسب شده در سنین پایین تر نیز بسیار طولانی تر از سنین بزرگسالی است.

دپارتمان زبان در مجتمع فنی تهران نمایندگی نارمک با تمام توان خود سعی دارد بالاترین کیفیت را درزمینه آموزش کودک و نوجوان ارائه دهد.

نقاط قوت ما در دوره های زبان نوجوانان English Move :

  • برگزاری کلاس هایی متفاوت، شاد و مناسب با روحیه  نوجوانان در جهت ایجاد و بالا بردن انگیزه یادگیری
  • همکاری با اساتید حرفه ای  کودک و نوجوان
  • به کارگیری جدیدترین متد های آموزشی
  • آموزش موفق ترین کتب آموزش زبان کودک و نوجوان (Pockets, Family & Friends, Solutions )

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